Microbiology lab

Microbiology lab


It is one of the most important laboratories affiliated to the college. It specializes in practical training for students in the field of microbiology. It is equipped with the latest laboratory equipment. The laboratory can accommodate 25 male and female students. It supervises the training of students by specialized professors and contains all the necessary equipment and supplies to achieve the objectives of microbiology within the college curriculum, which it needs. college student. .

The message

Securing the appropriate educational and academic environment to provide students with the expertise and skills necessary to provide the community with specialized competencies in microbiology, education and scientific research, as well as developing their scientific capabilities and using them in various medical fields . This message is implemented through the partnership between the Deanship of the College, the faculty, students and the labor market .


  • Teaching students the basic principles of safety and security while working in laboratories
  • Teaching the correct way to use a microscope and the process of preparing microscopic slides
  • Teaching the basic principles and methods used in sterilization and disinfection
  • Teaching the correct scientific methods for collecting and handling samples in the laboratory and disposing of medical materials
  • Recognize the different types of parasites, their forms and methods of diagnosing them in the laboratory
  • Understand the methods of transmission and control of microbial and parasitic infections and develop students’ skills through mental questions and answers and scientific tests for the laboratory
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Microbiology lab